Quality surgical knee reconstruction products in Australia

Knee soft tissue 
repair / reconstructions
- Acute and chronic ACL-repair*
- PCL with or without postero-lateral corner repair
- Augmentation of a biological reconstructed tendon
- Medial and lateral collateral ligament repair
- MPFL ligament
- Patella tendon repair and re-alignment
- Quadriceps tendon repair
- Hamstring tendon repair 


Download LARS ACL Info Download LARS PCL Info Augmentation of the Medial Collateral
Hip soft tissue 
repair / reconstructions
- Prevention of hip instability after total hip replacement
- Abductor mechanism repair
- Short external rotator repair (SER)
- Hip revision surgery

LARS Gluteal Tendon Repair

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Foot and ankle soft tissue repair/
- Acute and chronic Achilles tendon repair
- Repair of lateral instability of the ankle
- Repair of medial instability of the ankle
- Repair of the talus-calcaneum joint 

Lateral instability

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Shoulder and arm soft tissue 
repair / reconstructions
- Acromio clavicular dislocation**
- Major rotator cuff repair
- Biceps tendon repair
- Triceps tendon repair
- Wrist reconstruction

Tumour and complex soft tissue 
repair / reconstructions
- Reconstruction of the quadriceps extensor mechanism
- Reconstruction of the patella extensor mechanism
- Coverage of prosthesis for a ligamentous reconstruction
- Augmentation of a biological reconstructed tendon


* LARS™ should not be used intra-articularly to repair a ruptured ACL without having a vital and well vascularised stump – if the ACL remnant tissue is degraded or the notch is empty, an autogenous graft should be used in conjunction with the LARS™. 

** For further information on the use of LARS™ in ACJ repair - please visit (link provided courtesy of Prof. L Funk, Consultant Shoulder & Upper Limb Surgeon, Wrightington Hospital). 

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